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Sep 1, 2010

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JOTO’s Revolutionary TrimFree™ Heat Transfer Paper

JOTO’s Revolutionary TrimFree™ Heat Transfer Paper

From Corel Draw Help Magazine September 2010 Edition

JOTO’s Revolutionary TrimFree™ Heat Transfer Paper

By Bill Leek

I have been using and testing laser printer and copier heat transfer papers for 16 years. During that time I have seen great improvements in the quality of both the papers and the color printers. Through those years I have searched for the Holy Grail….. A simple single-step heat transfer process that would allow transfer to white and light fabrics with no trace of poly residue backgrounding on the finished, pressed fabric.

Some multi-step process papers (Image Clip, WOW) eliminated the backgrounding, but they involved masking processes and other multi-step tasks that were time consuming and difficult. Other manufacturers have reduced (but never eliminated) the backgounding, but often their papers would not run through the printers reliably or the transfers would have marginal or poor washability.

With JOTO’s recent introduction of PAROPY TrimFree™ Single Step Transfer Paper, my long search has come to an end. JOTO’s new paper leaves ZERO background on all light-colored fabrics including pink, blue, green, yellow, etc. Miraculously only the printed areas of the design adhere to the fabric. No more weeding! No more trimming! No more masking! Just a lot less work and higher profits!

TrimFree™ is designed for perfect reproduction of logos and color graphics as illustrated in this article. It should not be used for transferring photographs. It is excellent for T-shirts, Tote Bags, Hats and Aprons. It works very well with 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/poly blend, poly knits, poly mesh, poly foam/cotton caps, and satin.

PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS: Two factors are critical for success with this transfer paper…. Joto’s pressing instructions must be followed precisely, and a high quality heat press and color laser printer must be used. TrimFree is compatible with many laser printer lines, including Okidata, Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, and Samsung, using Heavy or Label paper modes. The paper should always be fed through the manual bypass tray. HP and Brother printers are not recommended. Personally, I prefer the Okidata printers, especially the C6050/6150 models. These printers provide a trouble free, straight-through paper path and very durable toner with excellent washability.

Your heat press must provide very even and high pressure. Temperature control must be very accurate. If you have an air-operated digital press, all the better. Maximum pressure insures that the transfer paper will peel correctly and also improves the washability of the transferred design.

The heat press should be set to 330 to 340F.
Prepress the fabric for 5 to 10 seconds.
Then press on the transfer for 25 to 30 seconds.

Next, after the initial press , wait 7 to 10 seconds (7 seconds for light fabrics, 10 seconds for heavy fabrics). Do not remove the fabric from the heat press. Peel off the transfer very, very slowly in one continuous motion. Stopping and starting the peel will result in lines on the image. Place a silicon sheet over fabric and repress again for 30 seconds. This will seal the image and provide better wash resistance.

TrimFree™ can be used to transfer TrimFree Foils to both light and dark fabrics. A solid black toner image is printed on the TrimFree™ transfer paper and then pressed onto the fabric following the instructions above. Next, maintaining the same pressing temperature, a TrimFree™ recommended foil sheet is placed over the transferred design and then pressed with maximum pressure for 25 to 30 seconds. Then wait and peel cold. The results can be unique and dramatic. .Again, there is no cutting, trimming or weeding required.

I have not performed wash tests on this paper. Joto reports good results with the following instructions:
Machine wash at 105oF or less. Use mild detergents with no bleach. Do not dry clean. These instructions apply to both the normal and foil applications.

The advantages of TrimFree™ are both obvious and significant. After all these years, I never thought a single-step process with no masking, weeding or cutting was possible. In addition, performing all the production steps using the same temperature and pressure settings is a significant plus.

TrimFree™ is an amazing product. I highly recommend that you test 10-20 sheets to get a good idea of its capabilities. Joto is a great company with years of experience and an earned reputation for excellent customer support. They will help obtain the best results with your specific color laser printer.

You can reach Joto at 800-565-5686. Go to their website

Bill Leek of Houston, TX has over 30 years experience in computer engineering and graphics design. He has developed several lines of color imprintable products, and does testing on a variety of products for different manufacturers. He can be reached at or 281-257-0695.