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Sep 6, 2017

Joto Launches One-4-All Printable and Cuttable Transfer Vinyl

Blaine WA, August 2017

Joto, a leading producer of Digital Heat Transfer Products has launched a revolutionary new multi-purpose heat transfer film… One-4-All. Adding to the company’s successful MultiCut™ and MultiPrint™ product lines, One-4-All™ incorporates a newly developed adhesive that together with a special hot-melt coating allows for a 5 second application at an astonishingly low (265F) temperature.  The new One-4-All™ line of products are bringing a fundamental change to the way printed images can be applied to both dark and light fabrics. 

Michael Stark, Joto’s Marketing and Sales Manager explains, “due to the new adhesive and hotmelt technology, One-4-All cuts small images and non-continuous parts extremely well.”  “I have never seen anything like this new product before” Michael comments.  He went on to point out:

  • One-4-All can be applied at 265 F, eliminating scorching and press marks.
  • Can be applied to a wide range of fabrics and textile types, including Cotton, Cotton/Poly, 100% Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Lycra and more.
  • Low temperature application empowers the decorator to apply full color images to sensitive polyester fabrics without causing dye-migration. 
  • The 3-5 second faster application can mean huge savings in production. 
  • One-4-All™ is compliant with the worldwide independent testing standard, Oek-Tex® Standard 100 class 1.  This certification, ensures every user that the product is not harmful to the health of their customers. 
  • Provides block-out properties due to low temperature application and short dwell times.
  • Withstands 60c wash and tumble dried.

Mr. Stark added, “With all these great new features, it’s hard to believe, All-4-One can also be applied using a good quality home iron. The One-4-All™ product line, offers decorators great flexibility and everyday great value, year in and year out!”

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