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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Joto provides two kinds of heat transfer flex.

MultiCut cuttable heat transfer flex is ideal for 1-3 color logos, numbers, names, and letterings.  To be used in conjunction with your cutter.  Cut and weed out areas that don't belong on the shirt, leaving the logo/design on the carrier sheet to press onto the shirt.

MuliPrint printable heat transfer flex is ideal full color logos and decals.  To be used in conjunction with a printer and a cutter or a print and cut machine.  The MultiPrint flex line has media for all types of inks such as solvent, pigment, sublimation or aquaeous inks!

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Printable Heat Transfer Flex. Suitable for high volume, full color custom apparel decoration.


Cuttable Heat Transfer Flex - Excellent for 1-3 color designs