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Joto stocks a variety of high quality ceramics and porcelain blanks that can be imaged using either sublimation or laser transfer paper. All of our ceramic blanks are manufactured to the highest quality.

Ceramic tiles can be used for a wide variety of application including insert for Keepsake boxes, picture frames and more!

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6 products found for Ceramics

14oz Ceramic Storage Jar

14oz ceramic storage jar with bale closure.

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Large Pot Coaster Bottle Shaped

Available Now Ceramic Bottle Shaped Pot Coaster. For use with Sublimation.

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Small Pot Coaster Balloon Shaped

Available Now Ceramic Balloon Shaped Pot Coasters

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Sublimation Ornaments

Porcelain ornaments available in 4 designs.

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Sublimation Tiles

High quality polyester-coated ceramic tiles.

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Wood Box with Tile Insert

Dark wooden box with sublimatable coated ceramic tile inset.

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