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11oz Full Color Frosted Mugs


A high quality premium full colour frosted ceramic mug available in a variety of colours. For use with a laser printer only. These drinkware have a frosted fluorescent finish.

  • Unique Matte Coating
  • Bright Fluorescent Colours
  • Full Colour Mugs
  • Laser Printing Only

Available in Bright Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Purple Red, Orange and Red
11oz mugs sold in cases of 36

Shipping from the following warehouses:
Blaine WA, Las Vegas NV, Nashville TN

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How To Image a Mug Using Sublimation
In this video we will show you how to sublimate a mug using a Ricoh 3300 printer and Joto Sublimation Ink. Joto Paper Inc. tel (604) 520 1803

11oz mugs
Sold in cases of 36

Please follow the instructions that came with your mug press.  If you bought a mug press from us, please click on the mug press product page and the instructions can be downloaded from there.