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Paropy CL TrimFree Light


New and Improved!  Better Wash, Brighter Images!

Paropy CL TrimFree is for color laser printers and copiers is a unique, single-step self weeding transfer paper for white and light colored fabrics. Developed to leave ZERO background in the unimaged areas of the design eliminating the need for trimming the image prior to pressing. Ideal for full color graphics and logos. Not recommended for photographs or designs with drop shadows, gradients and skin tones.

  • Self weeding paper reduces apparel production time
  • No residue background creates a soft to the touch screen printed feel
  • Screenprinting foil can be applied on top of the trimfree image
  • Can be used as proofs for screenprinting jobs
  • This paper works great for black only graphics on dark colored shirts
  • Works on most Laser Printers and Copiers
    (Except HP and Brother Laser Printers)

Available Sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Tabloid (11x17)

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Blaine WA, Las Vegas NV, Nashville TN

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Packaging:  100 sheets per pack

Thickness:  100-120grams

Paper Sizes:  8.5" x 11" Lettersize, 11" x 17" Tabloid Size


Physical Chemical Properties

Physical State:  Solid

Color:  Transparent

Odour:  Like an ester

Melting Point:  ca. 80-105C

Decomposition Temperature:  >230C

Solubility in water:  Insoluable

Solvent Content:  None

330F (165C)
30 seconds
Warm (5-10 secs)

Loading and Exit Tray
TrimFree should be printed using the by-pass tray. If your printer has a rear exit door that will allow the paper to exit straight out the back we suggest you test the paper using this configuration.

Paper Mode
For the fuser to properly fuse the toner to the paper we suggest using Heavy Paper or Label Mode. You may need to test 2 or 3 different settings to find the best setting for your printer. To check for good toner adhesion, run your finger across the printed image. If any toner transfers to your finger you should set your paper mode setting on your print driver to a heavier setting.

Printers/Copiers Tested
Although testing has been done on the above brands of printers, it is recommended that you do your own testing due to the many different models in the market.
OKI DATA - Recommended
CANON - Reommended
XEROX - Recommended
SAMSUNG - Recommended
RICOH - Recommended
HP - Not Recommended
BROTHER - Not Recommended

Pre-Press Shirt
To remove moisture and bring the shirt to the correct pressing temperature it is critical that the shirt is pre-pressed prior to applying the transfer.

TrimFree, as with all transfer papers for light shirts, requires Maximum pressure. Using maximum pressure will ensure the transfer paper will peel correctly and increase the washability of the design.

It is important to wait 7 to 10 seconds prior to peeling the transfer. Do not remove the shirt from the press prior to peeling, doing so will cause the transfer to cool too quickly making the transfer difficult to peel.  When peeling, use a slow and consistent motion.  DO NOT cover your transfer with Teflon when pressing TrimFree.  Most t-shirt fabrics only require a 7 second wait period prior to peeling, heavier fabrics such as sweat shirt material usually require the full 10 seconds. Because there is such a wide variety to different fabrics we suggest you test your material to determine the best wait time.

Suitable Graphics
TrimFree works best with graphics and designs that have solid colors such as corporate logos or plain type.
TrimFree is best suited for logos or graphics, if you are printing large square images or photographs we suggest using Paropy CL 135.

Care Instructions
Wait 24 hours before washing. Machine wash using mild detergent. Do not use bleach or other aggressive cleaning agents. Cannot be dry cleaned. Wash Temperature cannot exceed 105F

CL TrimFree has an indefinite shelf life when stored at room temperature. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity.